SPORTISSIMI I Germany 2018


Physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle as well as sporting activities are part of modern living. SPORTISSIMI provides people of all ages with everything they need to sustain these habits. The clothing store is in need of a contemporary, modular store concept that scales to different store sizes and locations demonstrating how SPORTISSIMI can enable people with an active lifestyle.


A modular store concept that is applicable to stores of any sizes. Diverse modules can be combined in countless ways and cover every use case. Sustainable, recycled materials are combined with welded wire meshes, concrete blocks and recycled wood to create an urban look. Artificial grass, a track running through the store and other urban sport elements intensify the sportive feeling. Digital elements, wall projections and interactive touch guides, offer enough flexibility for the Concept-Store.



COSALUX achieved maximum modularity for the final store concept. All elements were thoroughly tested and optimized to fit every scenario. A grid spans walls, shelves and tables providing endless ways to present products on the first 250m2 sized showroom. Redesigning the store and highlighting different articles can easily be done with the custom made modules. New and exciting shopping experiences can thus be created with just a few steps at any time. The grass wall orchestrates closeness to nature while foils on the floor that are mimicking a running track guide the path through the store.