Deutsche Börse Group I Germany 2021


Two years ago we won the international pitch to design and create the Deutsche Börse Visitors Center in the historical stock exchange building in downtown Frankfurt am Main/ Germany. In the near future, the general public will have the opportunity to view the Frankfurt Stock Exchange parquet floor, which was previously only seen on guided tours or on television. This new installation will provide visitors with extensive information about Deutsche Börse, trading and securities which was never possible before, creating a completely new experience for all who visit.


Visitors are guided through the Frankfurt Stock Exchange premises by following a course outlined by a blue line along their path. Along this course visitors have the opportunity to independently and interactively obtain information about Deutsche Börse, the history, trading, and securities at fourteen designated stations. In depth information is conveyed visually, with audio or even augmented reality all with the accompanied smartphone app that every visitor can easily download. The tour comes to a close upon arriving at the gallery, from where visitors can look at the parquet floor and can record their own souvenir video as a fictional television broadcaster to share on social media.


Opening 2021.
We have created the overall exhibition design, storytelling
and content and programmed the visitors’ smartphone app, and multi-touch applications. We currently are in the final stages of installing the exhibition.