Accenture I London, England 2018


The management consulting company Accenture is hosting the technology conference “Kaleidoscope” in London’s most famous TATE MODERN museum. The conference offers an exciting mix of workshops, training and inspiring lectures. Using real-time data all participants and their interactions with each other should be visualized in a digital artwork visible to all visitors at the conference.


A gigantic, futuristic polyhedron sculpture visualizes the heartbeat of the Accenture Kaleidoscope 2018 event. Each participant is registered with a mobile application and categorized according to their industry sector. The resulting real-time data is transformed into line connections, light and color effects and visualized through object mapping on to the sculpture in the entrance area of ​​the conference. Each industry is differentiated by its own shape. Established connections between visitors and exhibitors are particularly emphasized. The colorful artwork is always new, different, exciting and in motion. Just like the „Kaleidoscope“ conference itself.


With this outstanding project COSALUX had the opportunity to place an imposing, five-meter-long sculpture that creates unique art through real-time visualizations in one of the worlds most famous museums. Information and aesthetics are combined in a pleasant way on the surface of the sculpture. The use of four high-end projectors, offers innumerable possibilities for visualizations. All symbols and visual effects were created by COSALUX with the Unity 3D Game Engine and caused astonishing moments for the numerous conference participants.